AUGUST 4, 2020: 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

AUGUST 11, 2020: 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM




Tuesday, August 4th

“Our goal is to provide our members with additional tools to make them more professional and to take care of their clients”

8:20 AM Opening remarks – Special thanks to our contributors and sponsors

8:30 AM “How the Money Works in MAPD plans”

Presented by Diana Storey of Blue Cross

9:10 AM Questions

9:25 AM Special message from Blue Cross

9:30 AM “The Nuts and Bolts of PDP Plans – What you don’t know could hurt you and/or your clients,” Presented by Terri Herlica of Aetna Medicare

10:10 AM Questions

10:25 AM Special message from Aetna

10:30 AM Understanding the undeserved ancillary market that Medicare represents

Presented by Demetri Simos of Guaranteed Trust Life.

10:50 AM Questions

10:55 AM Break

11:00 AM Medicare and Politics – What has been happening in Washington and Raleigh? 

Presented by Joe Stewart and Ben Popkin

11:40 AM Questions

11:50 AM Closing remarks for Day 1

Tuesday, August 11

8:20 AM Opening remarks

8:30 AM “Star ratings for MAPD plans – How are they achieved and what do they mean to us?” 

Presented by Jeff Livers of United Healthcare

9:10 AM Questions

9:20 AM Special messages by UHC

9:25 AM Break

9:30 AM Protecting PHI and PII.   Common mistakes that we all make – and how to avoid them! 

Presented by Robert Lawson of Cigna.

9:50 AM Questions

9:55 AM Message from Agent Pipeline

10:00 AM Break

10:15 AM WellCare D-SNP/MSP,

· What is a Special Needs Plan?

· Eligibility for Enrollment in a D-SNP plan

· MSP Levels – Defining Medicare Savings Program Levels

Presented by Shane White, WellCare Medicare Sales Mgr

10:45 AM Questions

10:50 AM Break

11:00 AM Humana presentation – “Addressing the needs of the whole person:”

Description: Looking upstream at the root causes of poor health and co-creating solutions to address social determinants and the health-related social needs for our members and communities

11:40 AM Questions

11:50 AM Final thoughts